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What College Sports Online's Clients Are Saying
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Cal State Dominguez Hills
"In a very short time, College Sports Online has proven to be one of the best investments our athletic department has ever made. With an extremely limited budget, College Sports Online designed a very professional, interactive and informative web site which generates compliments daily from boosters, parents, media and faculty and staff across our university. The results and information are updated almost immediately and I can always count on College Sports Online being very receptive to whatever needs I might have. I wholeheartedly recommend College Sports Online. It will prove to be the best investment you will ever make."

Cal State San Bernardino
"College Sports Online has proven to be the perfect solution for our athletic website needs. College Sports Online is solid when it comes to format, navigation, prompt posting of releases, results, HTML stats, photos as well as service and working with me on special requests. It is an invaluable asset, an opinion shared by several colleagues in the CCAA. If you are a one-person SID office like mine, I highly recommend College Sports Online."

West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
“Great job with the Website. It is really impressive and only gets better.”

Seattle Pacific University
“In track, for example, one contact made as a result of the Website culminated in a verbal commitment from a blue-chip athlete.”

Newport News Apprentice School
“We have gotten a ton of compliments on the new Website.”

College Sports Online has developed a “standard site” approach that is geared toward more efficient site development and maintenance. This efficiency translates into fees that smaller institutions and conferences can afford.

The College Sports Online “standard” Web site includes the following areas:

  • Home Page  Along with the athletic department logo, the home page will carry an area that has bullet items which are headlines and the first sentence or two of press releases, scores and game summaries, or other important information needing visibility. A link to the full story will appear with each item. Also on the home page will be a listing of upcoming contests, likely over the next two weeks (continuously updated), for all sports currently underway.
  • Athletic Department Page  This primary page will be a listing of the athletic department staff with bios of key personnel, e.g., athletic director, sports information director, etc. Provision will be made for viewers to send e-mail to all those listed.
  • Sponsored-Sports Areas  These areas contain content such as:
    • A short overview of the sport;
    • A listing of the coaching staff along with bios of each;
    • The season’s schedule;
    • The current roster;
    • Statistics (to the extent feasible).
  • Archives Area  This area contains two items — press releases generated by the sports information office, segregated by sport, and links to Web sites of media outlets that provide coverage of the athletic events. Potential links are local commercial newspapers.
  • Recruiting Page  A properly maintained Web site is a very useful recruiting tool for smaller schools where the athletic program, campus, and facilities are maybe not as familiar to potential recruits and their families. College Sports Online believes that putting available information on the site that will help its clients’ coaches and promote the school is a prudent thing to do. Thus listing what is required academically for enrollment at a particular school and the types of financial aid available are possibilities. One very popular item that has been used on every client site is an online questionnaire. A prospective recruit completes the form and submits it, with the responses going to the appropriate coach (or designated recipient) for information.
  • Related WWW Sites  An area will be added to the site that includes links to other sites, such as national oversight organizations, coaches' associations, etc.

If other areas are desired for the Website, they will certainly be considered.

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