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College Sports Online's Camper Gives Website Content Presentation to USCAA National Convention
Topics included suggestions for keeping small-school athletic Websites interesting
June 7, 2005

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USCAA Presentation

FOREST, VA -- The United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA) had its annual convention June 5-8 in Williamsburg, VA, and one of the scheduled speakers was the president of College Sports Online, Inc., Rhudy Camper. The subject of Camper's presentation was keeping Website content interesting.


One of the company's clients, Newport News Apprentice School, is a member of the USCAA and the host of this year's meeting.

The USCAA is composed of schools with small student populations and varying numbers of sponsored sports within their athletic departments. However, one thing in common across the USCAA membership, and across all intercollegiate levels for that matter, is the need to keep the athletic department Website fresh enough that viewers will want to return.

Camper's presentation was titled, Who Says Small-School Athletic Websites Can't Be Interesting?, and he had the following thoughts about the event.

"College Sports Online presently numbers nine schools and eight conferences within its client base. Since we maintain their Websites by posting information provided by their sports staffs, we know what content is there now, or has been there in the past. And frankly, a lot of very interesting items appear.
"It would seem that passing on suggestions to the USCAA attendees, based on our experience, would be helpful and allow them to freshen their own sites."

Among suggestions advanced were posting student-athlete diaries, releases on student-athletes vs. academics (focusing on time management), interviews with key department personnel, and creative use by conference staffs of online forms.

The entire presentation is now posted on this College Sports Online, Inc. Website.

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