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What College Sports Online's Clients Are Saying
Sports Information Director Quotes

Cal State Dominguez Hills
"In a very short time, College Sports Online has proven to be one of the best investments our athletic department has ever made. With an extremely limited budget, College Sports Online designed a very professional, interactive and informative web site which generates compliments daily from boosters, parents, media and faculty and staff across our university. The results and information are updated almost immediately and I can always count on College Sports Online being very receptive to whatever needs I might have. I wholeheartedly recommend College Sports Online. It will prove to be the best investment you will ever make."

Cal State San Bernardino
"College Sports Online has proven to be the perfect solution for our athletic website needs. College Sports Online is solid when it comes to format, navigation, prompt posting of releases, results, HTML stats, photos as well as service and working with me on special requests. It is an invaluable asset, an opinion shared by several colleagues in the CCAA. If you are a one-person SID office like mine, I highly recommend College Sports Online."

West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
“Great job with the Website. It is really impressive and only gets better.”

Seattle Pacific University
“In track, for example, one contact made as a result of the Website culminated in a verbal commitment from a blue-chip athlete.”

Newport News Apprentice School
“We have gotten a ton of compliments on the new Website.”

By allowing College Sports Online to develop and maintain an athletic Web site, its clients will receive additional benefits. These can be defined as follows:

Sports Information Personnel Will Have Time for Work
College Sports Online shoulders the Web site work letting sports information personnel have time to concentrate on their “regular” work.

College Sports Online’s Targeted Clients
College Sports Online believes that all schools — regardless of size — should have as much publicity as they can generate. Their athletes who faithfully practice and compete deserve no less. Consistent with that philosophy, our targeted clients are not high-profile schools, but rather smaller ones who have the desire for an online presence, but not the in-house capabilities and/or resources. We believe that's a niche that College Sports Online can, and has, filled.

College Sports Online Knows the Subject
College Sports Online understands the sports subject and can serve its clients beyond just the mechanics of putting a Web site together. We understand the end use of athletic department Web sites and can participate in developing content that provides viewers the information they would like, and expect, to see. By virtue of having a broad base of clients, content ideas used on another client's Website, that have been positively received, can be suggested to others to add even more to the site's interest.

College Sports Online’s Standard Web Site Content
College Sports Online has defined a “standard” Web site that can be supplied to its clients. Using such a methodology will allow College Sports Online to take advantage of already-developed content ideas. The real benefit is that both parties know the end product at the start. This is not to say that other items desired for inclusion will not be entertained. College Sports Online prides itself in being responsive to its clients and will be eager to accommodate reasonable content changes or additions on a case-by-case basis.

College Sports Online’s Fee Structure
The efficiency gained by using a “standard” site approach helps to keep site development and maintenance fees low. College Sports Online is well aware of budget restrictions that smaller clients may have and believes its fees address this situation and are fair to both parties.

College Sports Online’s Sensitivity to Athletic Issues
In most cases, smaller schools that have athletic department Web sites must rely on the school’s computer department to prepare and maintain the site. Many times College Sports Online has heard about how this has turned into an unsatisfactory arrangement, e.g., tardy updates. College Sports Online is sensitive to issues and concerns of intercollegiate athletic departments and conferences and is responsive to their needs.

College Sports Online's "Client-Base Synergy"
A rather bold term for something perceived to be a real plus for Sports Information Directors. A number of our clients compete against each other quite frequently. For many of these events, the host SID prepares an event release which is used by the visitors. Should both be clients of College Sports Online, the host SID can e-mail the release to College Sports Online as normal, but with the notation to use for the visitor also (with pre-authorization of course). For the visiting-team's SID, this eliminates some amount of time getting the information to College Sports Online.

Other Benefits to Potential Clients
There are numerous times when special events are held, or situations occur, that need to be promoted to some extent. Spotlighting them on the Website's home page is important, and placing relevant, tasteful images thereon can be an attention grabber. In some methods of Web page modification used by sports information personnel, making such graphic additions may not be as straightforward as needed, or allow the flexibility to place images in optimum locations. College Sports Online has demonstrated the ability to assist its clients in promoting special situations, and there are, on client Websites at any one time, examples of the type of graphics just described.

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